Saturday, 18 August 2012


In the various cases we used the paneer phool for the finding the relief from the various problems that related from the diabetes.
The use of this medicines for the redduces the sugar from the blood for the diabetic patients.

gurmar tree leaf and its use

Gurmar is usedful for the various dieses that related from the diabetes and its problems.basically the gurmar find in the madhya pradesh and its jungles.

jumbolinum friuts for diabetes dieses

Jambulinuim is a fruit that blcak colour that find in the india . basically jambulinium used in the diabetes and the various digestivr dieses for the human and its systems.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


In the technical or modern time we are using the various types of the electronics item nad machines gadets for the planning the future.
the medias camera digital camera digital tv and various devices.


                            SARE JAHA SE ACHHA HINDUSTA HAMARA
                                  HAI AUR YUGO YUGO TAK RAHEGA
                                      I LOVE MY INDIA ,HINDUSTAN

Saturday, 11 August 2012


Allahabad is a famous place for the education in india because allahabad is situated in the uttar pradesh.
Allahabad is easy to reach and live to in the case of the study everything in available in control and the reach to everyone that can effort here for making his life.


In the india the uttar pradesh the TAAJMAHAL is situated in the agra agra became in the uttar pradesh .

Sahjaha made the tajmahal for his sweet love mumtaj.


The world is the time based because the evrything is based on the changes of the globally or world for the conversion of the everythings.

World is the group of the very furious countrys that are being everytime for the growth of the nation.


Global warming is related from the heat and its is made by the heat.Global warming that are produced by the heat nad heat are related from the industry,company.

Global warming is the main region of the displacement of the ozone layers Ozone layers that is made by the pure oxygen.


Love is life because everything that are related from the loves .

Love is a sarrow that is the depth of the loves sarrow

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


In the india the uttar pradesh the uptu stands for the uttar pradesh technical university lucknow.UPTU that is the technical university that conduct the technical exam for the technical engineers doctors mba holders .
Basically the uptu that have the various degree nd the various categrized associated course that are approved from the AICTE.


UPSC is the commision of the conducting the civil examx for the IAS ,PCS and many types of the categorized jobs that comes in the state level and the central level.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Pannalal chaudhari bbs college of engineering technology

ye panna ki taraf se apne sabhi BBS ke dosto ke liye........... jinko panna yaad hai unke liye bhi.......aur jo panna ko bhool gaye unke liye bhi......

na jaane tum sab kaha chale gaye dosto chorkar mujhko akela,
ab to tumhare bina mujhe apna ye shahar bhi anjaan lagta hai.
aur yu to ab bhi mere har taraf laga hai insaano se bhara mela,
par tum logo ke bina mujhe soona-soona sara jahaan lagta hai.

tumhari yaad mein ab meri aankho se is kadar hoti hai barsaat,
ki ab to logo ko meri barasti hui aankhe bhi aasmaan lagta hai.
aur yu to tumhare bina mai muskura saku ab bhi hai aise halaat,
par tumhare bina muskurana bhi apni dosti ka apmaan lagta hai.

Love quotes

Jab dil tut ta hai toh aawaz nahi aati,
Muhabbat har kis ko raas nahi aati,
Ye to apni apni baat hai yaaro koi kisiko bhula nahi pata,
Aur kisi kisi ko yaad nahi aata…

Nature images or photos

Life style in engineering colleges

In the term of the engineering life we can say the student life in engineering colleges like as a heaven.
The engineering atmoshphere that is very essential life of the student day and its life .
Every one that want a gud life with the gud sttuf of his luxaries life for the aisho aaram.

The idealist themes

Best friendship notation

Firendship quotes with images

Hindi best qoutes

Firendship quotes with images

Friendship image quotes

love quotes best quotes

I love you For giving your heart to me and trusting me with your pride
I love you For wanting me And needing me by your side
I Love you For the emotions I never knew I had
I Love you For me making me smile Whenever I feel sad
I Love you For your thoughts of me Where I'm always on your mind
I Love you For finding that part of me I never thought I'd find
I Love you For the way you are And for how you make me feel
But most of all
I Love you 'coz I know you're mine for real... ♥♥

Sunday, 5 August 2012


Manka chhataini chitrakoot that is the village that situated in the uttar pradesh india.basically manka that comes in the teh- mau dist-chitrakoot state -uttar pradesh

The manka chhataini that connected with the main road or we can se highway .
Amit kumar shukla

Chitrakoot uttar pradesh Dist-chitrakoot dham karwi

In india the chitrakoot dham karwi that placed situated in the uttar pradesh INDIA.
My dist chitrakoot that is the places of the temples and the various historical places that are very important in the case of the tourism.
In the dist the manka chitaini bargarh mau that is comes in the uttar pradesh .

Nice thoughts with gud words

1-Never try to flert some one because whos belive in you .

2- Love is sweet poision that directly attacked in heart.


BBS college of engineering & technology that situated in the uttar pradesh (india) in the rever of the ganga rever in prayag nagri ALLAHABAD.

BBS college have the various branchs to the collegs .

Amit kumar Shukla

Amit kumar shukla is the student of the bbs college engineering & technology from the computer science trades.

How to adsene work and its programm

Google have many programms in this program the adsense that are the main tool and system that provide all online content that are related from the adsense.

Google Adsense or Adsense

Google adsense that provide the online tools and implementation process of the minisite nad blog.
Google adsense have the various policy and terms with conditions.
In the case of the blog the adsense are the better program for the earning online money by blogging.

Google Adsense or adsense

Adsense or google adsense that is the program of the google . Adsense that provide the online content that give us the money by blogging and there are the various tricks that provide the new techniques .
Adsense is the better method of the earning the online money that earn the money by the online content.

how to create free blog

In the modern age the google provide the facility to create a free blog for writting ur thoughts nd thinkings.
Blog are also known the mini websites.

Free blog that provide us the online everything that are related from the website implementation tools.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Windows 8

In the term of the we can say the windows 8 is latest version of the window 7 basically the windows 8 that have the better features thatn other operating systems.
Windows 8 have many features that are diffrent from the other types of the operating systems

operating System

operating system is the plateform of the computer sysstem that fully depends on the operating system.
basically operating system that made by the microsoft

There are the many types of the operating system.

1-window xp
3-windows 7
4-windows 8

Thursday, 2 August 2012


It modulates tissue glucose utilization in insulin dependent tissues. It helps to overcome complications of chronic diabetes delays onset of diabetic complications. It helps to reduce the glucose absorption from the gastrointestinal tract and improve insulin & pro insulin levels.

GURMAR for diabetes

It is one of the most popular herbal supplements for the treatment of diabetes because of its ability to prevent sugar from accumulating in the body. Diabetics do not produce enough insulin naturally to regulate the rate at which their bodies absorb glucose, or sugar. Then glucose builds up in the person's bloodstream without being absorbed into the cells for energy production.

GURMAR for diabetes

It is one of the most popular herbal supplements for the treatment of diabetes because of its ability to prevent sugar from accumulating in the body. Diabetics do not produce enough insulin naturally to regulate the rate at which their bodies absorb glucose, or sugar. Then glucose builds up in the person's bloodstream without being absorbed into the cells for energy production.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Raksha bandhan is the greatest festival of the indian culture in hindutva
Raksha bandhan is main festival of the our culture in the festival the every sister pray and wish for his brother for his secure life.

In india raksha bandhan show a gud relation between the brother foe his successive life..

Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes

Ayurvedic treatment is very important in the Diabetes .
Some ayurvedis medicines name-

7-Arjun (In hindi kahawa)

Diabetes a powerful dieses

Diabetes is most power full dieses that always find in the every human body in blood.basically blood sugar that always harm full for everyone in case of the out of control .
In INDIA this dieses called the madhumehy...........
Madhumey is the another  form of the glucose basically evert thing thats depend on the sugar