Saturday, 22 September 2012

Well quotes with loves

We want to try always for making self attractive smart with the facial reflection but there is no matter of the face but matter belongs from the sympathy and quality.

Love story with emotions

Always a small child have full confidence in the traffic that never try t with his parents because he known the parents never forget his child in any case or conditions.
But in the old age child never try to make happy his parents for the helps .
Always try to make happy your parents regards with us.

Saturday, 18 August 2012


In the various cases we used the paneer phool for the finding the relief from the various problems that related from the diabetes.
The use of this medicines for the redduces the sugar from the blood for the diabetic patients.

gurmar tree leaf and its use

Gurmar is usedful for the various dieses that related from the diabetes and its problems.basically the gurmar find in the madhya pradesh and its jungles.

jumbolinum friuts for diabetes dieses

Jambulinuim is a fruit that blcak colour that find in the india . basically jambulinium used in the diabetes and the various digestivr dieses for the human and its systems.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


In the technical or modern time we are using the various types of the electronics item nad machines gadets for the planning the future.
the medias camera digital camera digital tv and various devices.


                            SARE JAHA SE ACHHA HINDUSTA HAMARA
                                  HAI AUR YUGO YUGO TAK RAHEGA
                                      I LOVE MY INDIA ,HINDUSTAN